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We're old pros around here and we specialize in baseball pitching machines and softball pitching machines as well as other baseball and softball hitting and training aids.

We understand how important the choice of the right pitching machine is for every player and that using a pitching machine instills proper hitting techniques.

Every pitching machine we sell, we've used. Likewise, every baseball or softball training aid we sell we've tested and found to be an excellent tool for improving baseball and softball hitting skills.

You'll notice that we offer in-depth descriptions on all of our baseball and softball pitching machines and training aids, based upon our experience. We are also available to answer your questions as you decide upon the best pitching machine for your needs.

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Sports Tutor Tennis Shotmaker Tennis Ball Machine

Sports Tutor Batting Tutor Baseball Pitching Machine

List Price: $3,350.00
Our Price: $3,250.00
You save $150.00!
List Price: $2,015.00
Our Price: $1,999.00
You save $20.00!

Sports Tutor Tennis Shotmaker Tennis Ball Machine Sports Tutor Batting Tutor Baseball Pitching Machine
The Shotmaker® is Sports Tutor's top-of-the-line professional ball machine. Its power and versatility will challenge players at any level, including professionals.
Just load the Sports Tutor Batting Tutor ball hopper with up to 140 baseballs, push the ON button, select your speed using the digital control, and push the AUTO button and a pitch will be delivered every 10 seconds OR
You can also control pitch timing manually using the SINGLE PITCH feature, which is useful for giving batting tips between pitches.
Pitch height is adjusted by EASILY turning the large knob at the back of the machine.

From Tee to Machine 25 Proven Baseball Hitting Drills DVD

Sports Tutor Triple Play Prime 3 Wheel Baseball Pitching Machine

List Price: $36.99
Our Price: 37.95
Our Price: $5,995.00
You save $200.00!
25 Proven Baseball Hitting Drills  DVD Sports Tutor TriplePlay Prime Baseball Pitching Machine
What is the hardest thing to do in all of sports? Hit a baseball.
Creighton University Head Baseball Coach Ed Servais presents 25 hitting drills you can use with your team to improve their hitting.
This DVD provides coaches with tee, soft toss, front toss, and batting practice drills.
The TriplePlay Prime pitching machine throws FASTBALLS, SINKERS, CURVES and SLIDERS at speeds from 40 to 90 MPH. with PUSH BUTTON SIMPLICITY
& you can also program up to 64 different pitches in 8 separate programs. Imagine up to 8 players, each with their own unique sequence enabling them to work on specific pitches & combinations of pitches.

Jugs 101 Baseball Dial-A-Pitch Pitching Machine

Atec R2 (Rookie) Fungo Baseball Pitching Machine

Free Shipping
List Price: $2,385.00
Our Price: $2,350.00
You save $112.14!


Jugs 101 Baseball Dial-A-Pitch Pitching Machine Atec R2 Fungo Baseball Pitching Machine Free Shipping
The Jugs 101 Baseball Pitching Machine throws Overhand Fastballs, Overhand Curves and Split-Finger Fastballs using Jugs exclusive Dial-A-Pitch® features that allow you to adjust from fastball to overhand curve and back again by simply flipping a switch. The R2, formerly called the Rookie, is built for collegiate level defensive training.
It is designed to be a more compact and portable version of the professional level R3 training machine.
Both R-Series machines have the unique ability to rotate and pivot freely while the machine is on and in use, allowing you to challenge multiple fielders, playing different positions, one after another.

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What are the basics of a pitching machine?

Pitching machines are incredibly variable. They can be stationary or portable, supported by tripod or stand, or loaded onto carts. There are differences in aiming abilities, pitching speed, the number of programmable pitches, and even the number of balls that can be loaded. A young player will not initially need the same features as an adult, but if purchasing a unit, it is wise to allow for at least a few years of growth within the same pitching machine.

The basics of a pitching machine are as follows: two or three wheels counter-rotating at the same speed, a feeder chute, a mechanism to time the ball release, and some sort of power source or motor. In order to produce higher speeds, a more powerful motor is required. To put spin on a ball, forward spin, backspin, or side-spin, one must have the ability to turn one wheel faster than the other. Pitching machines become more complex in order to throw curve balls, drop balls, or rising pitches. The more options that a player has to practice with, the wider the range of skills that are developed. Coaches and parents want athletes to focus on developing skills that are consistent with good game play. Pitching machines can provide players with the opportunity to learn every scenario they might be faced with in a game situation. While it is fun to always hit the straight and fast pitch, it is not one that players will see very often during a game. Pitching machines have a variety of pitch settings to simulate real game scenarios.

Pitching machines are also available for softball. To throw a softball pitch, the machine must be built to release underhanded throws. We provide machines that can accommodate fastpitch and slowpitch play, depending on skill level. Some pitching machines are convertible and use a differently shaped chute for baseball and softball. The Beta 1 Softball & Heater Softball pitching machines are both in this category.

There are many accessories that can be added to your pitching machine to aid players during both the learning and practice process. A remote control is available that allows the batter or coach to decide when the pitch will be thrown. A feeder can be added to some pitching machines that allows more balls to be loaded, and in some cases also allows for a soft-toss option. Also available for purchase are pitching screens that help batters with ball placement, and eliminate the need for a wide-open field or second person to chase the ball. Batting cages for protection, radar guns to measure the speed of the pitch, power sources for your pitching machine and rubber matting to protect your cage or windows are all available for purchase with your pitching machine. We can arrange deals for your college or university team if buying in bulk required.

If you want your team to have access to the best equipment for the best price, Pitching Machine Pro has everything you need. Check out or inventory today.

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