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  Sports Tutor HomePlate 3 Wheel Softball Pitching Machine
Sports Tutor HomePlate 3 Wheel Softball Pitching Machine
Sports Tutor HomePlate 3 Wheel Softball Pitching Machine

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HomePlate Remote Controls


Description Technical Specs

The HomePlate Softball Pitching Machine can simulate almost any pitcher you are likely to face. It can throw a 70 MPH rising fastball, followed by a 55 MPH curve, followed by a 50 MPH drop screwball. And it can do it all automatically with only seven seconds between pitches. It throws standard 12-inch dimple softballs.

Put that scouting report on your next opposing pitcher to real use by programming her pitches into the HomePlateSoftball Pitching Machine . Then select RANDOM pitch order to simulate that pitcher for a game-like practice.

The HomePlate machine can also throw stored pitches in sequential order, or you can practice repeatedly against any individual pitch. You can also control pitch timing manually using the SINGLE PITCH feature, which is useful when a coach wants more time between pitches for instruction.

The programmable feature of the HomePlate machine opens up endless new possibilities for drills that target specific hitting skills. You can store up to eight different pitches in each of eight different programs (up to 64 total pitches).

Here are just two example programs:
  1. Curveball Location Program. Store curveballs pitched in different locations, some in and some out of the strike zone. Select RANDOM pitch order. Seeing a mixture of balls and strikes rapidly helps hitters improve pitch discrimination.
  2. Fastball SPEED Program. Store a sequence of fastballs such as: two pitches at 40 MPH, then two at 45 MPH, two at 50 MPH and two at 55 MPH. Select Sequence order. This drill systematically builds skills and confidence to hit faster pitches.
With the HomePlate machine the hitting drills you design are limited only by your imagination, not your equipment. And since it holds 40 softballs, you can hit for nearly five minutes without stopping.


The HomePlate machine uses a patented three-wheel pitching mechanismthat is more accurate than two wheels because it puts more gripping surface on the ball.

It also features an innovative sound and light system designed to help batters time the pitches, as well as enhance safety. About two seconds prior to each pitch the HomePlate machine will beep, which warns everybody near the machine that a pitch is coming.
Then the batter sees a sequence of three lights just above the ball exit point that gives him visual cues comparable to seeing a live pitching motion, as follows: Beep (the pitcher sets), red light blinks (the pitcher starts his motion), yellow light blinks (the pitcher winds up), green light blinks (the pitcher is about to release the ball), the ball is pitched.

HomePlate Panel


Storing a pitch in the HomePlate machine is as easy as 1-2-3.
  1. Use the Create-A-Pitch™ controls to select the type of pitch, speed, and direction.
  2. Choose the PROGRAM and PITCH numbers where you want to store the pitch.
  3. Press STORE.
Using your stored pitch programs is also as easy as 1-2-3.
  1. Select the PROGRAM number you want to use.
  2. Select REPEAT, SEQUENCE, or RANDOM pitch order.
  3. Select AUTOMATIC or SINGLE PITCH ball feed.
If a batter is practicing by himself, he would choose AUTOMATIC ball feed. When the SINGLE PITCH button is pressed only one pitch is thrown, which is useful when a coach wants more time between pitches for instruction. If a batter is having difficulty with a particular pitch, then select REPEAT pitch order to throw that pitch over and over again.

"The HomePlate machine’s ability to throw different pitches one after another makes hitters stay back on the ball just like against real pitching, rather than just swing without any thought.“

– Jerry Weinstein,
Former U.S. Olympic Asst. Baseball Coach"

"The capability to simulate live pitching elevates the hitter’s concentration levels so they get more from each hitting session."

– George Horton,
Head Baseball Coach, Cal-State Fullerton

Optional Handheld Remote

An optional hand-held wired remote control lets you start and stop automatic pitching, or throw one pitch at a time.

Optional HomePlate Control Center

  • The HomePlate Control Center allows a user to control all the features of the HomePlate machine on a convenient control panel that can be placed near the batter’s end of the cage.
  • For commercial use where the facility operator only wants the user to have limited control, a mechanical lockout allows the user to change only the program, pitch order, and ball feed functions.

  • Three Wheel Design
  • Type of balls:12" Low Seam Softballs, 12" Dimple or RIF Softballs
  • Ball capacity: 40 softballs
  • Pitches:Riser,Drop Curve,Screwball,Drop Screwball
  • Pitch Speed: 40 to 70 MPH
  • Automatic pitch modes,repeat, sequence, random
  • Automatic pitch Interval :7 or 10 seconds
  • # of Pitches per Programs: 8
  • Case Dimensions: 36”H x 30”L x 32”W
  • Ball Release Height: 50" to 60", adjustable
  • Weight :180 pounds
  • 2 Year Warranty

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