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Pitching Machine Pro Unveils Exclusive Savings Deals

Posted: Dec 04, 2013 10:40 AM CST Updated: Dec 04, 2013 10:40 AM CST

In an effort to help customers save during the holidays, a Texas-based sports machine company has added coupons on its website, which if used, saves customers money on its products.

Austin, USA – December 4, 2013 /MarketersMedia/ —

Some say that the holidays are the time for giving, and representatives with Pitching Machine Pro say that the new savings deals it has on its website is a gift that doesn’t stop giving.

“We’re giving $25 off on any purchase over $399,” said Michael Donahue, president of Pitching Machine Pro. “When people visit our website a popup will appear, and customers will be able to take advantage of this additional savings by using the promo code.”

But that’s not all the savings those who visit Pitching Machine Pro’s website can expect.

“We’re also giving $10 off any total purchase of $99,” Donahue said, before adding, “We’re old pros around here and we specialize in baseball pitching machines and softball pitching machines as well as other baseball and softball hitting and training aids.”

The company spokesman explained that customers should visit its website to take advantage of the savings deals, not only because the products it sells are top-of-the-line, but also, because, “We understand how important the choice of the right pitching machine is for every player and that using a pitching machine instills proper hitting techniques.”

Every pitching machine, every baseball or softball training aid the company sells, according to Donahue, company officials have tested and found to be an excellent tool for improving baseball and softball hitting skills.

“You’ll notice that we offer in-depth descriptions on all of our baseball and softball pitching machines and training aids, based upon our experience,” Donahue stressed. “We are also available to answer your questions as you decide upon the best pitching machine for your needs.”

Pitching Machines Pro, the Internet’s largest seller of pitching machines, in November, 2012 started offering lease finance options for items in excess of $1,000.00 purchase price.

For more information, please visit: PitchingMachinePro.com/Baseball-Training-Aids and PitchingMachinePro.com/Tennis-Ball-Machines

Pitching Machine Pro Adds Iron Mike Pitching Machines to Its Online Store

An Austin Texas-based sports machine company has increased the variety of products it sells online featuring one of its newest vendor s.

Austin, TX (PRWEB) August 28, 2013

Officials with Pitching Machine Pro announced today that it has added new products to its online store featuring one of its newest vendors, Master Pitching Machines.

Michael Donahue, president of Pitching Machine Pro, said visitors to its website will now have the option to purchase the Iron Mike T-Arm-style pitching machine, which is one of the products from its latest vendor.

Donahue explained that the Iron Mike T-Arm-style pitching machine is an excellent purchase for baseball players, because it helps with timing.

“Hitting is all about timing,” Donahue said before adding, “You need the proper timing to recognize when you should start your swing and when to transfer your weight. This is accomplished as a result of watching the pitcher's arm and launch of the ball.”

According to representatives with Master Pitching Machines, an arm-style pitching machine is the only style of pitching machine that gives the player with that very same experience of timing.

With each pitch, company officials stressed, users can see the machine's arm wind up and launch the ball.

“It is the realistic nature of the Iron Mike that allows you to exercise the identical fundamentals in the batting cages as you experience on the field,” Donahue said. “Because of this, the Iron Mike T-Arm-style pitching machines from Master Pitching Machine are one of the favorite machines of professional players and coaches around the world.”

The Iron Mike T-Arm style pitching machine starts at $1,198 to $3,545.

“It’s worth it, and the best thing about it is that we have financing options,” Donahue pointed out. “By using PayPal’s “Bill Me Later” option, customers can take as long as 6 months, interest free, to pay for their machine”

Pitching Machine Pro's Now Offering Complimentary Shipping

In an effort to provide its customers with affordable options, an Austin, Texas-based sports machine company has implemented a cost-savings deal on shipping.

Austin, TX (PRWEB) January 23, 2013

Officials with Pitching Machine Pro announced today that it is now offering free shipping on virtually everything it sells.

“Simply look for the package logo to enjoy free shipping on selected items throughout the store, said Michael Donahue, president of Pitching Machine Pro, the Internet's largest seller of pitching machines, which in November also started offering financing to businesses, schools, organizations and consumers for items in excess of $1,000.00 purchase price.

Donahue noted that most items listed on its website are shipped free of charge.

“In those instances where charges apply, they will only apply to that particular item, Donahue said, before explaining that with the nation's economy still struggling to rebound from the worst economic downturn in 34 years, Pitching Machine Pro decided to provide a free shipping option to its customers as a form of financial relief.

“Shipping can make a really big difference in the final price, said Donahue. “Instead of having our customers pay tax on top of shipping charges, we'll pick up the tab."

Pitching Machines Pro provides a variety of products, such as baseball ( http://www.pitchingmachinepro.com/Baseball-Pitching-Machines-s/1.htm ) and softball pitching machines, cricket bowling machines, football passing/kicking machine, soccer, tennis ( http://www.pitchingmachinepro.com/Tennis-Ball-Machines-Lobster-Sports-Tutor-s/178.htm ), and volleyball machines.

Accessories include ATEC pitching machine parts, batting cages, hitting screens and nets, pitching machine balls, baseball training aids, softball training aids, radar guns, baseball hitting videos, and more.

“We have a huge selection of things to help in a variety of sports, Donahue stressed, before adding, “Now is the time to take advantage and save on shipping, because for a limited time only, the shipping on most items is on us."

About Pitching Machines Pro

Pitching Machine Pro is the retail division of SunRiver Distributors.

Pitching Machine Pro is the retail division of SunRiver Distributors. It has been in the sporting goods business for 10 years and in retail sales and distribution for 17 years.

The company prides itself in its business and is committed to every customer who chooses to do business with them. The company strives to reciprocate its trust by delivering the highest quality merchandise it can, to be thoroughly knowledgeable of its merchandise and to work to make sure its customers are delighted with its quality and performance.

PitchingMachine Pro Now Providing Financing Options for its Machines

Summary: In aneffort to provide its customers with affordable purchasing options, an Austin Texas-basedsports machine company has added the option to lease its equipment.

For Immediate Release

(Austin, TX, Nov. 20,2012) ---- Officials with Pitching Machine Pro (http://www.pitchingmachinepro.com/)announced today that all of its equipment packages of $1,000 or more can befinanced for purchase.

“We're extremely excited to now offer leasing to businesses,schools, organizations and consumers for items in excess of $1,000.00¯ said Michael Donahue, president of Pitching Machine Pro, the Internet'slargest seller of pitching machines.

Donahue explained that with the nation's economy still struggling to rebound from the worst economic downturn in 34 years, in addition to the looming Fiscal Cliff negotiations, Pitching Machine's Pro decided to provide an option to its customers as a form of financial relief.

“Often times our customers know what they want, they know what they need to become better at their sport, but like many people throughout the country, every penny counts, so by having the financing option, customers can get what they need without paying the full cost at one time,¯ Donahue said.

Donahue pointed out that Pitching Machines Pro considered a variety of companies to handle the financing/leasing option, but in the end decided to go with Lease Station.

The great thing about using Lease Station, according to Donahue, is that it gives customers the ability to receive instant credit approval.

“To estimate your monthly payment, all customers have to do is click a feature called the Payment Estimator to estimate monthly payments,Donahue said. “The interest rate is subject to credit standing with the three credit bureaus. After your application is submitted, a representative will reach out to you within 24 hours to finalize the order.

The company president went on to stress that once the bank receives all the appropriate documentation, the order for those using the financing option will be placed with and immediately shipped out.

“Financing can be as low as $19 a month,¯ Donahue said,before adding,“We're excited to have this available just in time for our Black Friday sale. We have a ton of great deals at already affordable prices and our financing option will allow our customers to enjoy even more affordable options.

For more information or to view the entire list of battingcages, please visit: http://www.pitchingmachinepro.com/Leasing-Options-s/15314.htm

Pitching Machine Pro Doubles Its Business Even in an Unstable Economy

Summary: Excellent products and superlative customer service contribute to the company's success in a troubled economy.

For Immediate Release

(Austin, TX, June 27, 2012) ----While the worst economic downturn in 34 years has left many businesses in the United States struggling, Austin Texas based online seller of Jugs Pitching Machines has successfully doubled its business over the last two years.

Michael Donahue, president of Pitching Machine Pro (www.pitchingmachinepro.com), the largest seller of pitching machines on the internet announced, "We are proud to report we have doubled our sale of baseball, softball, soccer, football, cricket, tennis pitching machines in 2010-2011"

Donahue stated that one of his top selling brands is Jugs Pitching Machines.

He stated, "We understand that a lot depends on the right pitching machine and to instill proper hitting techniques the correct choice of pitching machine has a very important role to play". With reference to the Jugs Pitching Machines he said, "We make a point of testing every Softball or Baseball machine to make sure they are as advertised."

Donahue added, "Our customers can get in touch with us anytime with any question. We specialize in pitching machines of all types and are more than happy to help them make the right decision".

Donahue explained the reason why Pitching Machine Pro has prospered in a weak economy is that it sells a broad range of products at great prices from various manufacturers and the company experts have hands-on experience with every machine it sells.

"Keeping in mind the customer's concerns, we have a toll free number to answer questions directly by experts and not by amateur support staff", said Donahue.

According to Donahue, a player can benefit enormously by correctly using the Jugs Pitching Machines. The machines are a great for improving one's proficiency and control over softball and baseball hitting drills.

"You can be a Little Leaguer or a pro sharpening your softball and baseball hitting skills and there is a Jugs Pitching Machine to suit your individual needs", said Donahue. "It is easy for buyers to get confused with many available options in the market. However, with a softball or baseball Jugs Pitching Machine, you can improve on your hitting, regardless of the age group you belong to".