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Dramatically Increase Your Skills with a Lobster Tennis Ball Machine or Sports Tutor Tennis Ball Machine
Many pros attribute a great deal of their success directly to the time they spent practicing with quality tennis ball machines such as these.
Whether you're a novice, a junior champ, a weekend warrior, or on the professional circuit, your game will transform with a Lobster Sports Tennis Ball Machine or Sports Tutor Tennis Ball Machine
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Sports Tutor Tennis Shotmaker Tennis Ball Machine

Sports Tutor Tennis Shotmaker Tennis Ball Machine

List Price: $3,350.00
Our Price: $3,250.00
Sale Price: $3,200.00 FREE UPS GROUND SHIPPING
You save $150.00!

The Shotmaker® is Sports Tutor's top-of-the-line professional ball machine. Its power and versatility will challenge players at any level, including professionals.
Lobster Sports Elite Grand V LE Tennis Ball Machine

Lobster Sports Elite Grand V LE Tennis Ball Machine

List Price: $2,699.00
You save $100.00!

True Match Play Performance! Picture personalizing the shot location, the feed rate, as well as the spin for each shot and then saving that into your customized drill!
This feature is unmatched on any tennis ball machine anywhere on the planet.
Lobster Sports Elite Grand V Tennis Ball Machine

Lobster Sports Elite Grand V Tennis Ball Machine

List Price: $2,499.00
Our Price: $2,299.00
Sale Price: $2,299.00 FREE UPS GROUND SHIPPING
You save $200.00!

The Lobster Elite Slam V is the most innovative electric battery driven tennis ball machine offered. It offers custom-made workouts. You are able to program shot locations, speed, spin, and feed rate…the shot series are actually limitless.
Lobster Sports Elite Grand IV Tennis Ball Machine

Lobster Sports Elite Grand IV Tennis Ball Machine

List Price: $2,199.00
You save $200.00!


The Elite Grandslam IV offers unrivaled full random oscillation.
The revolutionary design allows the machine to throw balls throughout the spectrum of the court while mixing up speed, spin, trajectory, and oscillation.
Sports Tutor Tennis Tutor Plus Player Tennis Ball Machine

Sports Tutor Tennis Tutor Plus Player Tennis Ball Machine

List Price: $1,899.00
Our Price: $1,799.00
Sale Price: $1,749.00 FREE UPS GROUND SHIPPING
You save $150.00!


With the simple push of a button, the Sports Tutor Tennis Tutor Plus Player (Patented) models a competitor on the opposite side of the net.
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To best aid your game, you want to make practice with a tennis ball machine in a way that mimics what a real opponent will do. So here are a few "do's and don'ts" which an individual may well need when facing a tennis ball machine.
 5 Things to Consider While Using Tennis ball Machines
  • Place the ball machine off-center, wherever the opponent might be when making a shot. Have the ball machine drive shots where the opponent might hit dependent on their position on the court or particular tendencies of a known adversary.
  • If making use of the oscillation option, have it point the ball inside the options offered if it were playing through that position in a rally.
  • After each shot, the player ought to get back to a different position on the court dependent on where they strike their return of the ball, and then they ought to recover swiftly based upon where the next ball is coming from the tennis ball machine.
  • Direct every ball back toward an planned target, utilizing direction, depth and spin.
  • 4 Habits to AVOID When Using Tennis ball Machines
  • Do not position the ball machine only on the baseline in the middle of the court.
  • Don't have the tennis ball machine oscillate simply from deuce court to ad court. Do not utilize the tennis ball machine to practice only ground strokes.
  • Do not remain still after each shot.
  • Planning a Practice With a Tennis ball Machine
  • Depending on your ball machine use guidelines, your players may have many choices to think about when they plan to use a ball machine to help them practice.
  • Here are some points they may want to consider that can help enhance quality and effectiveness of their practice.
  • First, make certain they are fully aware all the safety measures - and they never look into the tennis ball output. Tennis ball machines can cause injury if improperly used.
  •  Make sure they know the best way to modify the tennis ball machine and how to change deliveries of the ball.

All athletes know that practice is the only real way to reach the top of your game, but sometimes they forget that not all practice is equal. If you want to make the most of your training, you have to be able to challenge yourself continually and consistently. The real hard part though, is finding the right someone to train with. The right something, however, has never been easier to get. Our tennis ball machines make the perfect partner for any level of player.

The more often you train, the more often you are bound to be let down by your partners' cancellations and conflicting schedules. Making time for them can even be tougher than the practice that they provide. Our tennis ball machines though, only have time for you. You can practice whenever, wherever, on your own schedule. Competition is never really convenient, but preparation should be. Our tennis ball machines are the only partner you now you can rely on. They are always punctual and always play at the right pace for you.

There is no gain to be had by playing below your level or out of your league. Truly effective practice is practice that is tailored to your style and your needs. Our tennis ball machines offer adjustable settings for a personalized experience. Direction, speed, and even spin can all be controlled, giving you the opportunity to challenge yourself appropriately. If you want your game to be worthy of Wimbledon, there is no point in playing like a novice. But if you are a novice, you will want a routine that fits your learning curve. This also means that you control the flow of your training, not someone else. You can stop, stretch, and start at will instead of at your partners' convenience.

Too many players practice without the focus they need in order to succeed on the court. If you want to keep improving, you have to keep your eye on the ball and keep at it. Talking with friends between matches is an inevitability of the game's social nature. However, chatting and horsing around during a match is neither good practice nor good quality time. Focusing on challenge and improvement is the only way to get real results from your training. No human partner can offer the devoted focus of our tennis ball machines. With only one task for them to ever worry about, they are the perfect example of a truly committed partner.

Tennis ball machines are a proven way to better your game and are used by players at every level of competition. Even the professionals understand the value of a reliable training device in an unpredictable world. Moreover, they can appreciate how tennis ball machines make your practice about you. Why waste your time worrying about another body when you could be improving yourself? After all, any time you see that green ball flying ballistic over the net toward you, you are the only one who can hit it back. There is no reason to settle for a subpar partner if you can have a superb practice with one of our tennis ball machines.

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