Pitching Machine Pro
Pitching Machine Pro is the retail division of SunRiver Distributors.

Pitching Machine Pro corporate Headquarters

Pitching Machine Pro is the retail division of SunRiver Distributors. We are located in Austin, Texas.
We have been in the sporting goods business for 10 years and in retail sales and distribution for 17 years.
We take pride in our business and are very grateful for every customer who chooses to do business with us.
We try to reciprocate their trust by delivering the highest quality merchandise we can, to be thoroughly knowledgeable of our merchandise and to work to make sure you are delighted with its quality and performance.
Its that simple...and its also a full time job we take very seriously.
We're coaches here.
We've been through practically every baseball-coaching scenario imaginable.
We love the game and want to do as much as we can to foster effective training techniques consistent with all of what we have learned.
We concentrate on pitching machines and hitting aids for practically any sport for which a machine is made: Baseball,Softball,Tennis,Cricket,Football,Volleyball,Soccer & Pickleball.
We feel that there is scant practical information available either on-line or off regarding pitching machines and so we try to fill the gap by offering as much practical information as possible.
We only deal with select manufacturers with whom we have direct experience and who have proved to us to produce not only first rate pitching machines and hitting aids, but also who provide first-class customer service.
We're on a first name basis with the companies we deal with.
If there's a problem, we deal with it by talking to someone who's actually in charge and not some faceless drone.
And even though some of the faces we deal with are, to put it kindly, enough to make a train take a dirt road...they are experts, they value our business as much as we value yours and we all share the same enthusiasm for the game and the products we sell.

So, what if there is a problem? Just call us, toll free @ 1-(866)-447-1862 or drop us a line:infoATpitchingmachineproDOTcom (just substitute an @ for AT and a . for DOT) or simply click on the "Live Help" box over on lower right and we'll get right back to you.

Now, batter-up & hit like you mean it!